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Has water invaded your home and caused damage? Or maybe you found mold and need it removed and repaired?  Or have you recently experienced a home/business fire and need help getting the place restored and cleaned up?  If so Insurance Restoration Services is your full service, 24 hours Restoration Company.   We know the ins and outs when there’s been water, fire, or mold damage- and we know exactly what to do!  We will arrive within an hour of your call and assess the damage, find the source of the water, fire, or mold damage, fix the problem, remove the damage, and restore everything needing to be restored. We will work closely with your insurance company to make sure everything gets documented and covered.  We will move out furniture and belongings as needed, hold them in our storage units, clean them, and even move them back!  No other restoration company in Summerlin will literally take care of everything. We are truly full service in every way!

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24 Hour Emergency Response
Insurance Restoration Services knows that water, fire, and mold emergencies can happen at any time on any day.  That’s why we are always available for you – even major Holidays! We always have our skilled, professional, and fast technicians ready to come to your emergency at any time.  All you have to do is call!

Fast Response Time
You will always be directly connected to Insurance Restoration Services at any hour because it’s important to us to arrive as quickly as possible to your restoration need. We know all too well how one minute can be the difference between minor damage to major damage. We are fully staffed and always available, so don’t hesitate to call- call now!

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Water Damage Restoration
Having water invade the home can be an overwhelming experience. While trying to stop the water from entering the home, most home or business owners don’t even know what to do next.  That’s why Insurance Restoration Services is here.
We have an hour response time for water emergencies. We will come in and quickly identify the source of the water, fix it, and then begin removing the water.  While we have the top of the line equipment for water removal, we also have thermal cameras and other equipment to test the materials that hold water in- like wood, dry wall, carpet, and furniture. In order to avoid further water damage and potential mold damage- we will thoroughly test and inspect the home or business. We will not leave until we’ve properly rid the home of any water and extra, hidden moisture.

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Water Damage Documentation
Here in Boulder City, NV it’s legally required to disclose any and all flooding or water emergencies your home or business experienced when you are selling it?  All home/business owners must disclose all water damages that occurred during their ownership. That’s why Insurance Restoration Services is trained and experienced in helping properly document everything you will need.  That way when you do decide to sell, you will be free to do so and have all the proper documentation needed.  This will not only help you save time and stress down the road, but help keep the value of your home up.  We want to protect your home, and your investment in the home. No other restoration service in Boulder City will go that distance for their clients – we want to literally take care of everything for you!

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Mold Damage Restoration

Most mold damage in Summerlin, NV is caused by water that was not properly removed and dried.  This is another reason why it’s imperative you pick a restoration company that is thorough and gets the job done right the first. When you have mold damage the first thing we will do is find the source of the mold- usually a leaky pipe or excess moisture behind a wall.  We will fix the source, then remove the mold, and then restore your home. Depending on the type of mold- this can be a quick process or a very long process.  It’s best to call us in at the first sight of mold because it will keep growing and spreading.

We also advise to not try to remove the mold yourself- every mold is different and requires a different removal process based on the material it’s on and the type of mold it is.  Call us today so we can evaluate the mold.

Fire Damage Restoration
When you’ve experienced the disaster that happens during a fire, the process of cleaning up and restoring the home can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming.   Insurance Restoration services is skilled and experienced with the process of fire damage restoration and clean up. We are incredibly detail oriented and get the job done right the first time. No other company in Summerlin knows how to clean and restore a home or business after fire. 

We take our role as the restoration team seriously- we will walk through the entire process with you, work closely with your insurance agency, and do not leave until everything has been systematically and thoroughly gone through, checked, cleaned, repaired, and restored!  We will always wear the proper clothing and breathing masks, and will avoid getting the oil of our fingers on any artwork or items needing cleaning- that’s the kind of detailed work we do!

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Insurance Restoration Services is restoring damaged homes in the following zip codes for Summerlin; 89128, 89134, 89138, 89144