When seeking out a solution to a water damage problem, many people have different ways of doing so. Some seek out the trusted advice of family and friends. Others choose to search online or even in the phonebook still. The thing they all have in common is that they are going to eventually have someone […]

The after effects of fire damage can be difficult to deal with. Have you ever been to a bonfire, a campfire or just had a big 4th of July cookout? Then you probably know how long that smell sticks around in your clothing, your hair and anything else the smoke encounters. The same happens in […]

After disaster strikes, prioritizing getting your home back together is among the first things that homeowners want to do. However, when a larger disaster takes place, such as a fire in your home, matters become more complicated. Lots of questions need to be answered and lots of decisions need to be made in order to […]

Something that we love doing here on the IRS blog is pulling back the curtain a bit to show you the process behind the work we do. While we know it’s not standard for a company to do this, with many in the industry hiding behind “Trade Secrets”, we feel it is important to educate […]

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, many people place value on the locks they have on their doors, or the security system they have in place in order to prevent break-ins, yet, very few people ever consider or mention ants and other pests making themselves at home inside your home. […]

When removing water from materials such as carpet, depending on the method, there might be a lot of questions running through your mind. What type of materials are in my carpet? Can anything be done to make the process go faster? Is my rug supposed to smell bad? Today, we will try to answer some […]

Short Answer: Yes! Long Answer: When your home experiences water damage, one thing that is often overlooked is whether you should get your carpet professionally cleaned afterward. While we pull moisture out and deal with potential mold hazards among other things during your restoration process, one thing we don’t do is clean your carpet. So, […]

You may never have heard of the term, but you may certainly have smelled their smell. mVOC stands for Microbial Volatile Organic Compounds and can best be described as that musty moldy smell many people associate with wet dogs and dank locker rooms. The way these smells are produced is via off-gassing from the growth […]

When dealing with cabinetry, it’s important to remember that as an organic material, wood is a prime spot for developing mold and microbial growth if it becomes damp and moist in the dark hidden areas that are seemingly in abundance in a cabinet. Under the toe kicks, behind the back of the cabinet against the […]

Short answer: Your carpet Long answer: Have you ever seen techs from a water damage restoration company and thought to yourself “I could do that, I know when things are dry”? Well, if you haven’t, we can guarantee that someone at some point has. During a water mitigation, one of the first things (if not […]