Burst Water Heater – Las Vegas, NV

One of the most dangerous causes of home flooding is water heater overflows or burst water heaters. Typically water heaters are located in basements, attics, garages, or closets, places that aren’t frequented that often. You may not realize that water heater damage flooding has occurred until there is structural damage to the home, but don’t stress, turn the water heater off and call Insurance Restoration Services immediately!

Insurance Restoration Services Las Vegas is the restoration service provider you’ll want to contact when you’ve got a water heater overflow. We have the experience and tools to get the job cleaned properly and quickly, as well as helping you navigate the insurance process.

Our qualified personnel will do a full assessment of your water damage situation and give you the best recommendations and service for addressing and fixing the problem.

How does a Water Heater Overflow or Water Heater Burst Happen?
A majority of water heater overflows happen from a leak in an older water heater tank that either has a worn out seal, gasket, or has rusted. In some instances a water heater can actually burst or explode. Leaks are actually more common but do have the potential to flood the area of the water heater and can really damage a home if undetected for a few days or possibly weeks.

Little by little a leak can quietly flood your basement or home and a majority of the time it happens when your water heating tank fittings get corroded or damaged. Even though this type of flooding isn’t a water heater burst, it can have the same effect on damaging your homes structures and belongings. We do recommend you have regular water heater check-ups but disasters can happen, and the team here at Insurance Restoration Services Las Vegas can help with any flood damage to your home!

If you come across a water heater burst or water heater leak in your Las Vegas home, please call us immediately! We work in Las Vegas and all surrounding areas.

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