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Is Insurance Restoration Services a part of  your emergency plan?

Most of have some sort of plan on what we’ll do and how we will escape our home if there is fire or flooding. However, many people don’t think about their plan on fixing and restoring the home or business.  This can be the most stressful part, and most costly.  It’s important to research all the available resources and store their number in your phone!  We think we’re the best restoration company in the Enterprise area- no we go above and beyond for our clients and work right alongside your insurance agent.  We advocate for you, and we don’t stop working until you’ve completely moved back in and have your home or business back! So please- store our number in your phone.  Our hope is that you never have to use it- but if you do, you’ll be glad you called Insurance Restoration Services.

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Truly a 24 hour, 365 day Restoration Company

When it comes to water damage, mold damage, or fire damage- getting the source of the damage and restoring the items as quickly as possible can be the difference between minor repairs- to extensive.  That’s why we work around the clock for your water, fire, or mold emergencies!  After you call us, we will arrive within an hour to begin the process of restoring your home or business, and life, back to normal.  That’s why the residents of Enterprise have trusted us, and continue to call on us for their restoration needs!
Water Damage Restoration

Many people think that due to our dry weather in Enterprise- we don’t need to worry too much about water damage to the home.  Though water and moisture do dry up farely quickly- many materials in the home can hold in moisture for a long time.  This moisture, if left unnoticed can cause mold damage, and even more severe water damage.  It’s very important to make sure all the water and moisture has been removed- to do this we don’t only use top of the line industrial dryers, but thermal imagine to locate water behind walls we could have missed.  That’s one way Insurance Restoration Services goes above and beyond for residents of Enterprise!!

Mold Damage Restoration

When you find mold in your business or home there are usually two reactions- one is to just wipe it clean or bleach it and not worry- and the other is to panic because it might be the dreaded black mold.  When it comes to mold damage- both reactions are less than ideal! The best thing you can do when you discover mold is to not panic, but also not try to remove it yourself. Mold can be a tricky thing- it comes in different types and can be on different surfaces- and it’s almost always indicative of water damage somewhere- especially in this dry climate.  To properly and permanently remove the mold and restore your property- call Insurance Restoration Services!  

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Enterprises top fire damage restoration service!

Fire damage repair can be an easy clean up and restoration project to a major restoration project that involves removing all salvageable belonging to our cleaning and storage facility. No matter the extent of the damage, Insurance Restoration Services will walk through the entire process with you- from advocating for you to your insurance to helping you move back in after we’ve cleaned and restored everything!  We know it’s an overwhelming task, and that’s why we are here- to take the stress off your shoulders! Here is a quick look at what our fire damage restoration process looks like;

Step 1. Securing the Property

As always we want to make sure our customers and employees are safe.  We always wait for the fire department to secure the property and tell us when we’re safe for reentry.  We advise all our customers listen to the fire department.

Step 2. Emergency Cleaning for sensitive items

When it comes to sensitive items like art work or irreplaceable items- we do whatever we can to look for them and evaluate the damage they received from the fire, soot, or smoke.  Once we’ve located all sensitive item, we take them to our facility to clan them immediately to prevent further damage.

Step 3.  Source Removal/Cleaning

Once we are free to enter the home, and after the insurance company has been able to evaluate the damage- we start cleaning at the source of the fire- this helps with odor and some of the most damaged parts of the home.

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Step 4. Removing items

Sometimes it makes more sense to remove items from the home and clean them at our facility.  If this is case, we will discuss your options and of course- take care of all the moving for you.

Step 5. Deodorization of the property

The smell after a fire has gone through your home or business can be a strong, potent one. We will determine the source of the fire to determine how to best remove the odor from your home.  For a more detailed description of our deodorization process call us today!

Step 6. Repair and restoration 

It’s now time to start making your property look more like the home or business you remembered it as!  This can be a fast or long process- once we will always communicate to you clearly.

Step 7. Time to move home

This is always where all that hard work pays off- seeing the look of joy on our clients!!!  It’s often better than Christmas morning as a kid!!

Here at Insurance Restoration Services we are certified with the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  They have the highest standards for ethics and quality restoration work so we are proud to be affiliated with them! You simply will not find a more experienced restoration company in Enterprise!

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