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Boulder City, NV Water Damage Restoration – Insurance Restoration Services

When water has invaded and damaged your home you want a restoration business that knows how to get the job done, and right!! That’s why you should call Insurance Restoration Services!  We are your experienced full service restoration company. We don’t just restore the home and then leave, we handle insurance claims, advocate for you to your insurance, move furniture and belongings in and out, store belongings, and even help find temporary housing if needed.  We know the ins and outs when there’s been water, fire, or mold damage- and we know exactly what to do!  No other company in Boulder City will restore water damage, mold damage, or fire damage as good and thoroughly as Insurance Restoration Services. 

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Insurance Restoration Services is Boulder City’s top 24/hour restoration company. Whether the damage is from flooding, leaky pipes, sewage back up, rain water, fire or mold- we will be there within an hour of your call to give you a free assessment and quote of what you will need to do. 

Insurance Restoration Services provides Boulder City with the following services:

–       Water Damage Restoration
–       Fire Damage Restoration
–       Sewage Damage Restoration
–       Water Removal
–       Mold Removal
–       Mold Damage Restoration
–       Insurance claim assistance
–       24 hour Emergency Response

24 Hour Emergency Response
Insurance Restoration Services knows that emergencies can happen at any time on any day.  That’s why we are always available for you on any day- even major Holidays! We always have our skilled, professional, and fast technicians ready to come to your emergency at any time.  All you have to do is call!

Fast Response Time
You will always be directly connected to Insurance Restoration Services at any hour because It’s important to us to arrive as quickly as possible to your restoration need. We know all too well how one minute can be the difference between minor damage to major damage. We are fully staffed and always available, so don’t hesitate to call- call now!

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Water Damage Restoration
Having water invade the home can be an overwhelming experience. While trying to stop the water from entering the home, most home or business owners don’t even know what to do next.  That’s why Insurance Restoration Services is here.

We have an hour response time for water emergencies. We will come in and quickly identify the source of the water, fix it, and then begin removing the water.  In our dry climate here in Boulder City, it can seem like all the water has been removed and like tit’s a fairly easy task- but that is simply not true and assuming as much can cause serious mold damage to your home.  While we have the top of the line equipment for water removal, we also have thermal cameras and other equipment to test the materials that hold water in- like wood, dry wall, carpet, and furniture.  We will not leave until we’ve properly rid the home of any water and extra, hidden moisture.

Once the water and moisture has been removed, we then begin the restoration process.  We will document everything with notes and pictures, proper forms for insurance, and much more.  We will walk through the entire property with the insurance adjuster to see that they have properly documented everything as well- and we will continue to work closely with your insurance during the entire process.  Once we have finished all the restoration and moving back in, we will once again walk through everything with your insurance. Advocating for you, to your insurance is something we are honored to so and we will always take it seriously- we want everything the water damaged to be fixed and covered by insurance when necessary.

Please remember the following safety tip during your water emergency:

  • Never try to unplug devices or appliances when there’s water and the electricity is still on
  • If it’s safe, find your breaker box and turn off the electricity
  • Never allow children to play in standing water from any source of flooding- there could be debris that can hurt them as well as all sorts of bacteria
  • Do not drink the water
  • Call Insurance Restoration Services right away!

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Water Damage Documentation
Here in Boulder City, NV it’s legally required to disclose any and all flooding or water emergencies your home or business experienced when you are selling it?  All home/business owners must disclose all water damages that occurred during their ownership. That’s why Insurance Restoration Services is trained and experienced in helping properly document everything you will need.  That way when you do decide to sell, you will be free to do so and have all the proper documentation needed.  This will not only help you save time and stress down the road, but help keep the value of your home up.  We want to protect your home, and your investment in the home. No other restoration service in Boulder City will go that distance for their clients – we want to literally take care of everything for you!

Insurance Assistance

Insurance Restoration Services is committed to assisting in the water damage restoration process but also in literally walking through the insurance process with you. We work with every insurance company and will work alongside them through the entire process to ensure you get everything needed, covered. Whether it’s for water, mold, or fire damage we walk through the entire property with the insurance agent to make sure everything is noticed by the adjuster and everything is documented. Insurance claims are tricky in Boulder City because of our dry weather- so we want to advocate for you as your home is being restored or repaired.

Insurance Restoration Services also never makes you pay upfront.  Many times we c an even begin the process with no out of pocket expenses to you.

Let us take the burden of the restoration project. We will take care of all the insurance claims, advocate for you with your insurance agent, work fast, and get the job done! 
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Insurance Restoration Services is restoring damaged homes in the following zip codes for Boulder, City; 89005, 89006