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Henderson, NV Water Damage Restoration Experts- Insurance Restoration Specialists

When the residents of Henderson, NV need restoration services for water, mold, or fire damage they call the areas most trusted company- Insurance Restoration Services. Here at Insurance Restoration Services we are certified with the IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification).  When you call us to restore your home or business we will arrive within an hour of your call, assess the damage, and give you a free estimate on the costs- most of the time we can start work without billing you because we are trained and experienced to work with your insurance company.  During the entire process, we will be your advocates to make sure everything is properly documented and covered by your insurance.  It’s one of the many extra steps we take in order to take excellent care of our customers!

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–       Insurance Claim Assistance
–       Fire Damage Restoration
–       Water Damage Restoration
–       24 hour emergency service
–       Removal of all furniture and housing item to a storage facility if needed
–       Help locating a temporary home or business location
–       Mold Damage Restoration
–       Water Removal
–       Mold Removal
–       Sewage Removal
–       Drying of carpets and wet surfaces

Make Insurance Restoration Services a part of  your emergency plan!

We all have our fire and flooding emergency plans set, but what to do after the emergency is usually never thought of. However, when your Henderson home or business is in disarray, simply finding a number to call can be daunting and confusing. That why we suggest to everyone to store our number in your phone incase it’s every needed fast. You’ll be happy you did!!

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Henderson’s 24 hour restoration service company!

Whether it’s from leaky pipes, rain water, wind, fire, sewage back up, appliances leaking, or mold invasion- we’ve got you covered. We are truly open 24 hours a day, even Holidays!  We understand that these kinds of emergencies happen all the time and at anytime, that’s why we’re always available for you!

Water Damage Restoration

Allowing the water damage, especially here in Henderson, to sit too long can be the difference between minor damage, to extensive damage. Many people think that because it’s very dry here, you don’t need to work as hard to remove all moisture and water- and that’s simply not true!  It’s incredibly important to locate all the extra moisture, the stuff you can’t see with a naked eye, and remove otherwise this causes mold to produce and spread.  Because of this it’s important to make sure all the moisture has been completely removed from carpets, wood, and other surfaces.  We have the best equipment in the industry, to include thermal imaging, to make sure not one drop of water is missed.  This is just another awesome way we go above and beyond for our customers!

Mold Damage Restoration

The best way to permanently remove mold is find the source of the extra moisture or water. Most molds in Henderson are caused by water that’s been leaking or missed- a simple fix but one that’s often missed if you just treat the mold and not the source! This could be a corner of a room that isn’t properly ventilated, a pipe leaking a tiny amount of water behind a wall, or simply some left over moisture from that rain storm a while back. Mold is relentless and merciless- so call Henderson’s top mold removal and mold damage repairs service- Insurance Restoration Services! 

The Problem with Mold

While most mold doesn’t cause major health issues, it can cause upper respiratory issues that can then cause infections and more serious health related problems. Because of this it’s important to get a hold of that mold, the source causing it, and remove it completely.  Call Insurance Restoration Services to assess the damage and test the mold. We will not only remove the mold, but find the cause of the mold and make sure that the problem is properly dealt with to avoid future mold contamination. If we’re worried about the type of mold we’re seeing, we will hire out a third party business to test the air quality of your home, and the mold!  

Remember- mold ,especially in Henderson’s climate, is almost always caused by water damage of some sort- call us now to find that source and restore your home or business!

Fire Damage Restoration Process:

Fire damage restoration is a completely different process than water or mold damage- for a quick look at what we do please read our steps and call us for any other questions!

Step 1. Secure the Property

Just like water damage restoration, one of the first steps in the restoration process is securing the home or business. The difference with fire damage is that we need to work closely with the fire department before we can say it’s safe to enter the home.

Step 2. Emergency Cleaning

What we look for is soot and smoke residue on incredibly sensitive materials like artwork, pictures, linens, furniture- and remove the materials to our facility and treat them there with the utmost of care and precision.

Step 3.  Source Removal/Cleaning

After the insurance adjuster has walked through the property with us and given us the OK to being work, we will start at the source of the fire and around it.  This will help with the odor and the most damaged parts of the home.

Step 4. Removing contents

When there has been extensive fire damage Insurance Restoration Services has the facility to hold all your furniture and belongings, as well as clean and restore them there.

Step 5. Deodorization

Determining the source of the fire first, will help us know how to properly deodorize the contents and materials. Once we’ve done that, we will begin cleaning and deodorizing your home or business.

Step 6. Repair time

After cleaning up and deodorizing, it’s time to repair and restore the home so you can get back to normal life.  We will work closely with your insurance adjuster to insure everything is covered and properly done!

Step 7. Time to move home

This day is better than Christmas Morning!! We often shed tears right alongside our customers- we can’t wait to celebrate with you!

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If your Henderson home has experienced water damage, there is not much time to spare, just a few inches of water can create an unsafe situation in your Henderson home. On average, mold can begin to start forming after just 2-3 days and can be very dangerous towards you and your family.

When you first notice water damage in your Henderson home, call out an Insurance Restoration Services specialist who will dry your home, repair your home, and get it back to new! We will come out, pump the water out of your home, dry the walls if there is internal damage, and get rid of unwanted odors that can be left behind. If there are cracks in the foundation, we will find them to make sure the problem doesn’t happen again.

Mold in Your Home
If you notice mold in your home, you need to act quickly to remove it. Mold causes all types of problems from breathing difficulty, poor air quality, and health factors. When water sits for a long period of time, mold begins to develop in your home. It only takes 2-3 days for mold to develop and by cleaning up water quickly is key in letting it affect your family’s home. A Henderson water damage and mold removal company can help you to rid your home of mold and leave it like new.

Water Damage Restoration Henderson, Nevada
When water comes in to a home or building, it comes with contamination and possible destruction to the structure of the foundation of the home. Our Henderson water damage restoration team can help you clean up the mess quickly and disinfect the building. Don’t let sickness or possible damage occur by not acting quickly, call us today!

Water Damage Repair Henderson, Nevada
Water can easily spoil floors, carpets, furniture, and walls. With Henderson water damage repair, our team can correct the problems that the water has caused your home and get rid of the water itself. Water damage repair rebuilds your home and also works to prevent future floods in the home by diagnosing the original water damage source.

Henderson Water Damage Clean Up
Henderson is a place that can face water damage fairly easily with large winter rain storms. If you have a leaky roof or possible breaks in the foundation, these rains can cause significant damage to your establishment. Allow Insurance Restoration Services to come in and fix the problem quickly!

We will help you navigate the insurance process and get you the largest return possible. Our friendly water damage restoration team will get your home fixed and get you and your family back in as quickly as possible!

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