Where’s my water shut-off valve?

When you have a water emergency, your mind goes into overdrive. You’re wondering all kinds of things: Where’s the source? Do I need to get stuff off the floor? Is it worse someplace else? What can I do?

Well, you’ve already called IRS, and our guys are on the way to help you sort out your disaster in a timely fashion, but you’re also wondering what you can do to lessen the impact before our team arrives.

The easiest thing that you can do is shut off the flow of water coming into your home.

Easier said than done, right? Well, if you’re unsure where your water shut-off valve is, the first place to have a look is in your garage or basement. Follow any visibly apparent pipes until you find one located near an exterior wall that has a shut-off valve attached. This is a good sign that this is your internal water shut-off valve. This will shut water off to the inside of your home, but not the outside.

If your water loss is located outside, you may have to locate a shut-off valve that is hidden under an access plate. This is especially common in condominium-style living. Once the access plate is removed, just like the water shut-off valve inside, turn the valve clockwise until it shuts off. If it is a lever-style valve, turn the lever until it is no longer in line with the pipe.

With just this simple step, you can potentially stop more egregious damage than would happen without quick action. And, before you know it, the team at IRS will be there to help you get your life back to normal.