Bugs, ants and water damage: What you need to know

When it comes to the safety and security of your home, many people place value on the locks they have on their doors, or the security system they have in place in order to prevent break-ins, yet, very few people ever consider or mention ants and other pests making themselves at home inside your home.

Could seeing ants or other pests inside your home be a sign of something like a water damage problem? Yes, it certainly can be, but, it could also be indicative of other problems as well, so, in order to determine why they are in your home, it is important to note where you find them and the conditions present in those locations.

In the Nevada desert, it’s difficult to find moisture freely outdoors, so, many bugs and pests will take any opportunity to live near a water source, even if it’s in your home (much to your chagrin). Where they move in on depends on the layout of your home and where your water leak is. In some cases, you may find you have a leak under your garage and find dirt and ant mounts appearing around cracks. You might also find them congregating near sinks or other piped water sources.

But, regardless of the place wherein you find them, we are certain you don’t want them there. So, what can you do about them? At IRS, we are all about getting to the root cause of problems, and this is no exception. To simply bug bomb the house or put down insecticides would only be dealing with the symptoms of the real problem: a water leak somewhere that these insects are using as a food source.

We recommend contacting a professional if you suspect you have a water leak somewhere hidden. A knowledgeable company, such as IRS, can determine (non-invasively, in many cases) whether you have a leaky pipe hidden under concrete or elsewhere. When these root problems are addressed and repaired, you will find in nearly all cases that once the water source is gone, these pests move on, leaving you with a safe and dry home.