Should I clean my carpet after water damage occurs?

Short Answer: Yes!

Long Answer: When your home experiences water damage, one thing that is often overlooked is whether you should get your carpet professionally cleaned afterward. While we pull moisture out and deal with potential mold hazards among other things during your restoration process, one thing we don’t do is clean your carpet. So, what are the benefits to getting your carpet cleaned, and, should you do it?

While we have already covered mVOCs in a previous blog post (read more here…), it bears repeating that people tend to forget that carpet collects a lot of organic bio material, including skin cells, pet dander, dust, and all kinds of things we can’t see as well. Any time that water meets these things, ecosystems can form leading to all kinds of smells. Think of it like a wet dog, where the dander and bacteria on their skin has something to feed on when introduced to water. That same process can happen with carpet.

Regarding health benefits, it bears mentioning that when not wet, those same dust, dander, air and other particles can find themselves airborne when disturbed, potentially finding their way into your body either through breathing or through ingesting in some other way.

Other than health benefits, the general appearance of your carpet may have degraded over time due to lack of maintenance. By taking the opportunity to give your carpet the best cleaning that it has had in a long time, you may find that the visual benefits of having a clean carpet are just as satisfying as the health benefits.

Considering the relatively low cost involved with cleaning carpet (we often see offers for as low as 8 dollars per room here in Las Vegas), as long as you know you can trust the company to do the job right, it’s a service we highly recommend after cleaning up water damage. Not only will your home be cleaner, but you may notice it smells better and is, in general, a more pleasant place to spend your time.