What do people actually look for when researching a restoration company to hire?

When seeking out a solution to a water damage problem, many people have different ways of doing so. Some seek out the trusted advice of family and friends. Others choose to search online or even in the phonebook still. The thing they all have in common is that they are going to eventually have someone in their home, cleaning up the mess. And despite all the advice they’ll find online or from their trusted sources, there’s still the chance that they may have hired someone completely unqualified to do the job.

According to a survey of 20 recent clients, here are the top 2 things that people were looking for when seeking out a water damage restoration company:

Positive AND negative reviews (and the company’s response): Of course, every company wants to only have positive reviews online, but, something that caught us off guard was the researcher’s desire to find a good number of reviews and to see how the company responded to negative feedback (if at all). In the connected online community of today, actual feedback and actual responses are rare, but, gaining traction as more companies are realizing that people who make the decisions in a household value a company’s response to feedback both negative and positive.

In addition, an extremely HIGH number of positive reviews might be an indicator of issues as well, such as a company engaging in Pay-for-Play practices by offering compensation for positive reviews. In short, people researching companies to hire want to know that what they’re reading online can be accurate. Too many vague, glowing reviews can be a signal that perhaps not everything is above board with this company.

How long they have been in business: In other areas adjacent to water damage restoration, reputations of companies as “shady” or being labeled “fly by night” are not to be desired. In the construction industry, for instance, some companies have the bad habit of changing their name in order to not be held culpable for problems. Other ways of skirting responsibility include changing over ownership to someone else in the organization, but in name only, claiming “Under New Ownership” in order to try and salvage their reputation. Unequivocally, IRS does not engage in practices such as these, and has had the same name and owner since the company was founded.

When you choose a company to work with, you deserve honesty and truth. IRS is here to help you get your home back to normal, and you can count on us to treat you fairly and your home with the same respect we treat our homes.