What is cross contamination, and how do we avoid it?

Mold is a 4-letter word, and, while we try our best to keep it out of our mouths, sometimes you can’t help but let it out. The last thing anyone wants to do, however, is bring that nasty guest into your home, uninvited or otherwise. So, when IRS places equipment at a job site, or at your home, it goes in clean. We treat your homes the way we would want our homes to be treated: with care and respect. Your investment is important to us, which is why we do things the right way.

The right way includes a full sanitization of all equipment that goes into any home, affected or otherwise. The reason for this is as simple as understanding that when you move equipment from one place to another, particles attach themselves to that equipment, and can then become airborne again once the equipment is disturbed.

Our air movers, air scrubbers, dehumidifiers and other pieces of equipment we use on mold jobs are cleaned thoroughly, and they do not leave a designated section of our shop until they have been cleaned and cleared for use again by our shop foreman.

In addition, when working under containment, our workers employ PPE (proper protective equipment) including a disposable Tyvek or similar suit that covers their clothing; just another step in lessening the chance of airborne particulates moving from one job to the next.

All of this is done with your health and safety in mind, because if you can’t trust the company you hire to make sure your home is safe and clean, then who can you trust?