The Top 7 Reasons a House Fire Happens

#1- A Kitchen Fire- I walk away from something cooking in the kitchen all the time


I confess I get distracted EASILY and here’s why  I really don’t like to cook!  I cook,  I really do,  but it’s not my favorite thing to do.  I start a meal and get bored. You know that part of the recipe that says ” bring to a boil and then simmer for 20 minutes”  I get the first part “bring it to a boil” got it… it’s the simmer for 20 minutes that gets me into trouble.

I start watching TV or I get hooked into the latest Facebook post about the dog with only 2 legs that ran a marathon or I call my mom (I love my mom and our hour long chats) or I take the dog for a walk….

So here’s what I’ve done- I bought a timer, and can’t remember where I put it.  I rely on the smoke detectors to go off in the kitchen. I bring a chair into the kitchen and sit right in front of the stove, that’s so fun! – all really cleaver ways to not catch my kitchen of fire…. but my favorite is we go out to eat!!!!!!!

So far I have not had to call the Fire Department or my boss at Insurance Restoration Services to save my house from my cooking…..YET!

So here’s a quick run down of the top #2-#7 reasons for a house fire- and YES I think I’ve done or am doing all of them

2. Let your electrical cords get worn out

3. Overload your power strips

4. Buy a malfunctioning electrical appliance

5. Put something flammable near something hot

6. Leave a candle unattended-just for a minute 

7. Use a fireplace or wood stove incorrectly 


Makes you think, doesn’t it!!! I realize my home is a train wreck- it’s a miracle it’s still standing…. Here’s the funny thing I work for a company that responds 24/7 when there is Fire Damage to your home or business. I hope I never have to call my boss  because I set my kitchen on fire and I hope you never have to call us. We all know accidents happen,  fires happen, life happens. At Insurance Restoration Services we get it , we really do, and we are  ready to help. We make bad situations better 24/7 and we do it with compassion and support because we know this could be us one day, this could be me.

I’m going to leave you with a few Fire Damage Safety Tips:

When you call us @ 702-463-7023 you will get a live person to speak with and a fast response to your emergency!  Our first and primary concern is always your safety. Here are a few things to remember!

  • Never enter your home or business until we have properly secured it for reentry
  • Just because the fire is out, does not mean the danger is not there. Many fires, especially in our dry climate, can restart or even still be burning under bigger piles of rubble. Make sure you stay in contact with the fire department about when it would be safe to assume the risks of further damage are gone.
  • Once it’s safe to reenter the home, make sure you always wear protective clothing to protect yourself against hot surfaces, soot, and debris.
  • Turn off HVAC systems and open your windows to help rid the house of any chemicals circulating around in the air.
  • PLEASE gather all your important documents and belongings and move them to a safe and secure location to avoid them being stolen or damaged further. Unfortunately thieves do try to come into home that have had a fire and steal belongings that are in good condition still.
  • Photograph all the damaged property Pictures can provide so much more detail in the filing process for your insurance claim. We always recommend that you take pictures of everything- to send a copy to insurance, and to keep for your records.
  • Keep records of gas mileage, etc Many insurance companies will reimburse you for gas, food, and even temporary housing- so make sure you keep all the receipts of everything after the fire occurred.
  • As always- be careful about how often you enter the home or sort through the stuff. Fires can produce a lot of nasty chemicals that can bother your lungs and respiratory system. Always wear a breathing mask and always wear gloves!

If you have any questions please give us a call @ 702-463-7023. If you would like any information  about our other services please check out our web site at We are also on Facebook and YELP.

Be safe and happy cooking!