How quickly can mold grow?

Short Answer: 48-72 hours

Long Answer: Microbial growth can become a serious problem if not dealt with in a timely manner. Luckily, with IRS’ 24/7 response time to emergencies, you never have to deal with mold damage if dealt with correctly when water damage first occurs.

Mold thrives under certain ideal conditions, such as in warm, damp, dark places. Visible mold on walls already can indicate a larger problem under baseboards, behind walls and under carpets. When visible mold is apparent on walls, this tells us that unmitigated water damage in this case is probably pushing close to 3 weeks or longer. But, how long was it before microbial growth first began?

The science behind water damage restoration tells us that within 3 days (or 72 hours), mold spores begin to germinate and spread, leading to the growth of colonies. Mold takes root and feeds off moist organic material, slowly spreading to nearby materials and repeating the process over and over, ensuring the spread of the mold’s spores.

When IRS comes out to mitigate a water loss, we want to be there within the first 24-48 hours in order to lessen the chance that mold can take hold. This is when we extract as much excess water as possible and begin the drying process immediately after, with powerful air movers and dehumidifiers which wick the moisture out of the air and away from organic materials. It is this 24-48 hour period which we consider critical to avoiding mold.

If you suspect you may be living with mold, do not wait any longer than necessary. IRS provides complimentary inspections for homeowners. Contact a trusted and certified water damage and mold remediation company today.