Can I just close my doors and windows and run my heater and then AC to dry out my house after a water loss?

Short Answer: Not Recommended.

Long Answer: While many companies have recommended using your heating and AC system to help dry out your home (Large National Rooter Company who recommends this, we’re looking in your direction!) we feel that is very irresponsible advice for someone who doesn’t have the patience or equipment to carefully monitor the situation, as doing this incorrectly has the potential to do more harm than good.

The genesis of this advice comes from the fact that by cycling your heating and cooling in your home, the natural condensation and evaporation of moisture in your air will be handled by the A/C unit. However, by raising and lowering the temperature of the inside of your home, you run the risk of basically creating a greenhouse with sweating walls if the temperature becomes too high, similar to how differences in temperature can cause condensation inside your bathroom after a hot shower during winter months.

We believe the best and fastest way to deal with water loss is with a combination of water extractors, dehumidifiers and air movers, which speed up the process, leaving you with less of a chance of microbial growth occurring. Trained and certified companies like ours at IRS deal with this type of damage every day, so we know the best ways to deal with it. Let us help you recover, and we promise that we will always look out for your best interests.