Why Should I Call Insurance Restoration Services Before I Start a Claim With My Insurance Company?

Why should I call Insurance Restoration Services before I call  my insurance company?

I get asked this question all the time and the answer is simple….. So you know what the heck is going on!

Let’s say you come home from work and step into soggy carpet, the first words out of your mouth will be something like “What the heck?” but maybe a little more colorful “*###*###*#?”

NEXT- you play detective, CSI-Water… What happened? Where is this water coming from? How do I stop it? , Who should I call…and the biggest questions How much is this going to cost me?

So you find the source of the water, hopefully it’s easy to find… then you shut off the water, hopefully it’s easy to do!

NEXT- You call your insurance company, hopefully they are open if not you have to call the 1-800#, do you know where their # is????

NEXT- You have to answer a bunch of questions like What’s your policy #, what’s your address? What’s a good # to reach you at? When did you first notice this? What happened? yada yada  Meanwhile you are standing in soaking wet carpet grabbing every towel you own to mop it up with!

NEXT- You wait!!!! Could be an hour, could be three, could be 24…. Your Insurance company is  calling someone out to assess the damage….. So you wait, and wait and wait… Finally “they” call and then “they” ask questions

WAIT? Who is “They” oh they are the company your insurance company called to help you. WAIT? Who are they? Wouldn’t you like to know something about them before they come into your home and start ripping things apart to fix it? I mean it’s your home, your personal possessions, your family  shouldn’t you know who “they” are?

So “they” come out, start the process of fixing the issues and you are rolling…

NEXT-  More questions. What’s my deductible? How much do I have to pay? When can “they” start/finish the work, Is this a cover loss?  and the biggest question of all, Will my insurance go up?

OK LET’S STOP RIGHT HERE – Insurance Restoration Services can make this so much easier.

CALL US FIRST- (702) 463-7023 With just one call, we respond quickly, usually within 30 minutes or less. We evaluate the situation for FREE- Yes a  FREE ESTIMATE!!!! Now you know what the heck is going on. Then we work with your insurance company to start a claim

Meanwhile we are stopping the water from doing anymore damage than it has done already which is saving you money & time by not waiting for 1, 3 or 24hrs for help!  We are there answering your questions (not you answering someone else’s questions) in person, a professional in water damage in your home accessing the damage with you, what a concept!

NEXT- You call your insurance company and tell them what has happened  YES,  now you know what the heck happened!!!


Oh did I forget to mention we do this 24/7????? Our crew never sleeps.  A live person answers your calls at 2am and comes to your home… and you know who “they” are.      It’s us Insurance Restoration Services!!!

Lastly- A SHOUT OUT…… Las Vegas has some of the best Insurance Agents I have ever met! No matter what company you are insured with make sure you know who your insurance agent is- and make sure they know who you are. They are the insurance experts, you pay your premiums  to make sure your home, car, life are protected, trust me they want to help! Meet with them ask them, ask them questions, make sure you are covered properly….. don’t wait till you have a claim to find out you are not covered!!!