Who does our buildbacks?

Short Answer: A small number of trusted sister companies which perform the work to our strict specifications.

Long Answer: In the water damage industry, there are always a few certainties, among them being that water is wet. But, the one that plagues people the most, it seems, is the rebuild. Any time that materials must be removed and replaced, including baseboard and drywall cut out due to water damage, it will have to be replaced during the process of the buildback.

A buildback is simply the process of rebuilding the home to the state it was in (or better) before the water loss occurred. However, to do the work ourselves would put us in a predicament: If we are both the mitigation company AND the rebuild company, how do you keep things above board? What is to stop a company from, theoretically, cutting out more material than is necessary and then charging your insurance company more money for the additional work?

To do the buildback ourselves would also be a little like doing our own pre and post air quality testing, which is a process always done by a 3rd party company in order to avoid bias (read more here…). If the company performing the remediation can do their own post testing, what’s to say it was done correctly or even at all? If you ask around, not many water damage restoration companies perform buildback work themselves, for a variety of reasons. In addition to being above board on everything we do, we feel that focusing on being the best water damage restoration company allows us to excel and offer superior service in that field.

When you choose to work with IRS, you can be assured that your home and the work performed in your home is our priority. You can count on that.