When you put it out of sight and out of mind, you do more than turn a blind eye

Sometimes problems come at inopportune times and rather than deal with them in the moment, you sometimes decide to deal with it later because it doesn’t seem like a pressing matter. We all have done it, that’s just human nature. However, when it comes to dealing with water damage, a little bit now can lead to a lot more later.

Recently, we were called out to a water damage call at the home of a friend of the company. Standard emergency which we took care of in little to no time. In another part of the home however, completely unrelated to this, their shower door leaked for years. Over time, they had turned a blind eye to this damage, or, minimized it mentally, feeling like it wasn’t a serious issue. But, the first time I walked through that door, I could tell something was amiss.

A swollen baseboard near the shower door told the tale that my friend couldn’t: a thoroughly wet baseboard that, when peeled away from the wall, exhibited all the signs of mold growth. His wife had asked him several times to deal with it, and he said he would, but never seemed to get around to it. After time, it just became their new normal. Luckily, the mold damage did not spread much and was a relatively simple job to correct. However, most cases aren’t this lucky.

I share that in order to say this: Be honest with yourself about your home because it’s the single biggest investment most people make in their entire lives, so it makes sense to take care of problems before they become bigger.