What is DASH, and how do we use it to make your job go smoothly?

DASH is a powerful tool for managing water damage restoration jobs and while its’ basic function is simply to organize our jobs, it hides so much more beneath the surface. Depending on the company using it, it can be a great asset, or, it can simply be another underutilized tool.

Through DASH, IRS can tell you most things about your job at a glance: from the type of loss, who has worked at the property and on which days, technician’s notes, we can pull up photos from specific days or even from specific workers. We have access to a variety of documents, such as invoicing, estimates, or, if the job is complete, certificates of completion and satisfaction, among other things.

A unique feature about DASH is its’ portal for homeowners which allows access to all the above, including our tech’s notes, photos and more. Upon request, homeowners have access to this information with a quick email from one of our estimators and it allows not only access to view the documents, but also allows you to save photos from the job.

Most companies do not use DASH to its full potential, but, if they would, it could save hours of time, as well as acting as a convenience when customers need basic information, or even something specific, to submit to their insurance company.

When you work with IRS, you can see the progress of your job for yourself in real time daily. Most companies either do not use DASH, or, simply do not use it to its’ potential in order to provide you with this portal that keeps you in the loop about what it is happening daily with your home, but IRS does. What more could you ask for from a damage restoration company?