What do we do with thermal cameras?

You might be familiar with FLIR or FLUKE, but, most people are familiar with the concept of a thermal imaging camera. That rainbow-colored image that shows heat and cold spots. You might be familiar with it from how they use them in movies (think “Predator”) or just in passing as another of many amazing technologies available in the 21st century. But, why would a water damage restoration company use a thermal camera?

When our team arrives at your house for an inspection, one of the first tools we may pull out is a thermal imaging camera. When looking for water damage, you might be wondering how a camera that can see heat escaping drafty windows, or cold coming in from poorly-sealed doors, can also help find leaks.

The secret is that water helps cool down areas, leading them to show up as dark blue in thermal imaging, making for an easier diagnosis when trying to quickly determine the source and extent of a loss without having to damage anything inside one’s home.

Once identified via thermal camera, work can begin with precision, leading many times to a faster restoration than would normally be possible. In conjunction with our many other tools, thermal imaging has proven to be a massive help in getting our customers’ homes back to the way they were before in a shorter amount of time than our competition.