Water Damage – Pahrump, NV

If you’re located in Pahrump and your home has experienced water damage from flooding or leaks, call Insurance Restoration Services immediately and we will restore your property back to its original condition! With over 20+ years’ experience, our water damage restoration team will get the job done quickly so that you can get back in to your home. We have the equipment to handle large water damage restoration projects in the Pahrump and surrounding areas of Las Vegas.

From water and debris removal to insurance claims, the team at Insurance Restoration Services can help you navigate through the problems to help mitigate the stress of a home that’s been water damaged.

Stay Calm! Insurance Restoration Services is here!

Pahrump Water Damage Restoration Includes:

  • Evaluate the water damage situation you are in
  • Contact the Insurance Company
  • Remove the water damage that has occurred
  • Dry any structural damage that has been done
  • Make sure mold and mildew are taken care of

Water damage restoration is the process of restoring a property back to its original condition after water damage occurs. If your residence has experienced water damage, we have vast experience in restoring homes in the Pahrump.

If water damage has occurred due to a storm and is coming in from overhead or around openings in the residence, it is extremely important to remove the wet components immediately before microbial growth can occur.

If your home has water damage, it is important to dispose of the drywall, wet insulation materials, floor coverings such as carpets or hardwood, Insurance Restoration Services will pump out the water, remove, and dispose of any wet materials that are unsalvageable. After this process, the floors and walls are ventilated to help increase the rate of evaporation and get you back to your home safely!

Pahrump water damage can also occur from ground surface water due to heavy rainfall or storm surge. In this case, water damage repair will also include disinfecting all the affected areas and materials.

We are a professional water restoration contractor with specialized, high-capacity drying equipment that can help shorten dry times considerably.

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