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If you’re having a water emergency it’s important to call now so we can get our technicians to your house as fast as possible!!!  We are open 24 hours a day to include all major Holidays! Call now!

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24 Hour Emergency Response
Insurance Restoration Services is truly your local, 24 hour restoration service for water, fire, and mold damage.  If you’ve had damage caused to your home or business for any of those reasons than we’re the team to call! We are open all day and night, because we know that water damage caused by leaking pipes or those random rain storms can happen at all hours.  DO not hesitate to call! To call Insurance Restoration Services now!

Fast Response Time
Because we understand that time is important when it comes to preventing water damage to the home, we typically respond within an hour so we can get to the scene and stop the source of the water invasion.  Once we find the source and stop it, we will remove all the extra moisture and water, thoroughly dry everything and restore what needs to be restored.  The length of the project of course depends on the extent of the damage, so call as soon as you can to prevent further damage!

Water Damage Restoration
Having water damage your home or business is not something many people think about in the dry climate of Mesquite- but water causes more damage here than you would expect. Whether it’s from leaking pipes or appliances, or simply some rain water that snuck in- leaving the moisture there can cause serious damage and even produce mold problems down the road.  Even though you think you got all the water removed- moisture can hide in certain materials such as wood, drywall and more.  To make sure your home in completely rid of extra moisture call Insurance Restoration Services.

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Water Damage Documentation
Here in Mesquite, NV it’s legally required to disclose any and all flooding or water emergencies your home or business experienced when you are selling it!  A lot of home or business owners did not know that nor do they know how to properly document everything so the value of their home isn’t negatively affected.  Here at Restoration Services we will properly document where the water damage occurred, how we restored the problem and permanently fixed it- this will keep the value of your home up and help it sell with no problems.   Now- when you do decide to sell, you will be free to do so and have all the proper documentation needed.  This will not only help you save time and stress down the road, but help keep the value of your home up.  We want to protect your home, and your investment in the home. No other restoration service in Mesquite will go that distance for their clients – we want to literally take care of everything for you!

Mold Damage Restoration

Most mold damage in Mesquite is caused by water that was not properly removed and dried.  This is why it’s important, even in water removal and damage restoration- to properly remove ALL excess water.  Any moisture that you can’t see with your eyes will cause mold damage down that road.  What was a simple leaky pipe can now be a major mold issue that requires major repair.   

When we come to your home for a mold assessment and repair we always try to find the source of the mold.   As stated above, it’s usually water that wasn’t properly removed.  Once the source is found, we will fix what caused the mold- than remove it and restore whatever needs to be restored.

We always suggest to our customers that they do not try to remove the mold themselves.  While many DIY techniques make it look like it cleaned up the problem- it typically doesn’t.  A lot of mold actually has roots that seep into wood or drywall grain- and this can’t see seen with the naked eye.  To properly rid this there needs to be specific work done.  If you spot mold, it’s best to leave it there and call Insurance Restoration Services so we can identify the type of mold, and restore your home with further contamination!

Fire Damage Restoration
Fire is that kind of disaster that can cause the most damage in a short amount of time.  If you experienced a small localized fire, or a large destructive fire you need to call an experienced and trained team to come in and properly restore the home.  Insurance Restoration Services works closely with the fire department and your insurance agent to make sure the home is safe for reentry, and that everything that was damaged will be covered by your insurance.  Once we are on the scene, we do not leave until that last picture in hung back on the wall.  

Please remember that if your home or business has been in a fire, do not enter the property until the fire department has announced it’s safe to do so. Once you can enter the home, be sure wear gloves to avoid getting the oil from your fingers on the soot- this can permanently damage artwork or any other belongings.  Also wear masks, and limit your exposure.  If you’re ready for an experienced team to get your home or business back to normal- call Insurance Restoration Services Today!
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