The IRS???? Who Are You People?

Let me start by saying…. We are not “That” IRS

Insurance Restoration Services, is our name and handling water damage, fire damage and mold is our game… ok so I like to rhyme, no actually rap…. I like to rap!

When I started with the “IRS” I wondered what kind of response  I would get? Driving round town in the “IRS” hot rod talking to people about our  company, explaining our services and getting them to call us anytime day or night…. yes that’s right

Wait maybe I should back up and introduce myself..  I’m Heidi, the (fabulous) Account/Marketing Rep for Insurance Restoration Services… I enjoy meeting people, actually more like talking, I like talking! Give me a message and I will get it out there….

For over 10 yrs I sold homes……………………. actually  I talked people into buying homes…. When the market tanked I shifted right and became an Insurance agent…. spent 7 years talking about insurance…. I got BORED…  I talked about the same thing every day from behind a desk INSIDE an office where the view never changes…..

Now I work for the “IRS”…. no not that IRS… this IRS (please keep up)

Water Damage? Fire Damage? Mold? We offer 24/7 service… you call.. we show up! Actually I don’t show up …. the crew shows up and they fix it!!! In the mix they fix… and eat a twix (yep I’m a rapper) Our guys are the best at what they do! The owner has years of experience and is actually a very cool boss man!!! ok wait I’m off subject… I like to talk….

So our name… “IRS” is on my  work car, my business cards, my uniform…. just imagine hearing every day…..

“OMG Really? you work for the IRS” at which point I pause….  look at the person… and at that moment I decide how to answer…. Most times it YES, I work for Insurance Restoration Services we are an emergency responding company for water damage, fire damage and mold.. BUT every once in awhile I just say YES and pull out a small pad of paper and ask them their name…hehehehehe at which point they start to sweat and look around for a place to run off to.

I’ve been asked “Can you help me with my taxes?”  “Can you forgive my tax problem” and my favorite is “Do you have to pay taxes if you work for the IRS?’ again I pause and size up the person  before I answer…. hehehehehehe

Ok be honest, you see how much  fun my job is now don’t you????!!!!!! I get to drive around town in the “IRS” hot rod… talking about Insurance Restoration Services which is also known as “Marketing” and daily mess with at least 1 persons head…. then I go home and go to bed (yep I rap)

I’m grateful I have never been shot at, never had eggs thrown at the “IRS” hot rod and best of all people remember me…. Us…. Insurance Restoration Services… and people love to get their pic taken with the “IRS” hot rod… they seriously do, more than a few!



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Oh wait actually best of all I drive the smallest vehicle in our fleet…. imagine rolling in Vegas with a moving size truck with “IRS” on it, you can’t miss our guys!


car 007car 006

People are grateful when we show up …. stop the water that is flowing everywhere, damaging their furniture, ruining their wood floors, and making their homes a soggy mess, oh YES….. We clean it up, just like a new pup….. and get them back to living …. Mold Free even where they pee (ok I went to far with that rap)…….

But I can!!!!!

Because I’m the fabulous, rapping, blogging account rep for the “IRS”…. no not that IRS…UGH keep up….  the water damage, fire damage, mold “IRS”…. see now you get it !

car 006