Surprise…… Welcome Home From Vacation

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Guess what? There was a water leak while you were on vacation!”

This one sentence can turn those wonderful vacation memories into a nightmare. Even the smallest leak can cause major damage if it is left unattended for a few days.  Wood flooring will buckle, carpets and padding are ruined . drywall will soak up the water all the way to your ceiling, your personal property water damaged beyond repair, and worst of all MOLD!

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Standing water in a home can cause mold especially when the temperatures here in Las Vegas are 100+ degrees.

YES, water pipes in Las Vegas do freeze in the winter when the temperatures get into the 30’s at night and then that broken pipe will thaw when the temperatures start to warm up during the day. Leaving water flowing out of the broken pipe into your home. Don’t let this happen to you!

These simple tips can help save you from a nightmare like this! 

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  1. Turn the water off to your home before leaving for an extended period of time, (this can be done at the street or in the home)
  2. Have a plumber or handyman check your fixtures yearly for maintenance (the hard water in Nevada wears on the plumbing)
  3. Have someone check on the home every few days when away for an extended period.  Mold is generally not covered by insurance so the sooner the water damage is caught the less out of pocket expenses the homeowner will have.
  4. Keep the heater ON while you are out of town in the winter.  Lower your thermostat to 60- 65… this will keep the temperature in your home warm if the temperature outside  drop.
  5. Make sure the house sitter  has a (working) contact # for you while you are out of town! AND give the house sitter our #  Insurance Restorations Services  702-463-7023

I hope you never need to contact our company for a water, fire or mold issue,  but if you do we are ready 24/7 (Yes even holidays) to respond. Just give us a call.  We offer FREE ESTIMATES so go non vacation, make fabulous memories but have a plan so this nightmare never happens at your home.