September is National Disaster Preparedness/Awareness Month

It’s that time of year again: National Preparedness Month. Throughout the month of September, is encouraging communities to take part in activities and events aimed at promoting the awareness of disaster preparation. According to Thunderclap, the Ready Campaign is built on four main principles: Be Informed, Make a Plan, Build a Kit and Get Involved. Disaster can strike at any time, anywhere. From flooding to fires, you should always be prepared to handle anything that comes your way and get the help you need when the unfortunate occurs. This includes knowing the best damage restoration companies in your area.

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Be Informed

The first step to being prepared is to gather all the necessary information. suggests developing a family communications plan; gathering an emergency kit filled with all the medications, food and supplies you’d need in any disaster; signing up for local emergency alerts; and coming up with an evacuation plan. You should learn how to protect your family during a disaster and how to recover after the disaster has passed. Examples of disasters include anything from natural disasters like floods to pandemics and accidental hazards. Part of being informed means exploring your options for help before you need them. For example, you should seek out a reputable water damage restoration company in your area and keep the contact information handy in case of flood or fire.

Make a Plan

Second, it’s important to develop a detailed family plan to limit the confusion and chaos that comes with any disaster. Address points such as where your family will gather during an emergency, important contact information and contingency plans. Make copies and distribute to your close family and friends so they will know exactly where you are in an emergency. It’s also a good idea to develop emergency plans outside of the home, such as for your child’s day care center, school, work or sports organizations. Volunteer your time to developing those plans and contact local resources such as water damage repair services for more information.

Build a Kit

Create a disaster supplies kit that contains anything you would need if a disaster were to strike. These items can include dry foods, water, medication, first aid supplies, candles, matches, fully charged cell phones and cash. A good rule of thumb is to store enough food and water for at least 72 hours. Keep the numbers handy of damage restoration service companies in case you need to clean up and dry out after an emergency.

SliderGet Involved

Finally, stay involved in your community’s efforts to help those in need in times of disaster. This can help make your town or city safer from the risks of natural disaster and other threats. Ways to achieve this include getting involved with your local emergency planning group and the American Red Cross, as well as church, community and school groups. You can also donate goods or money to local shelters or build your own disaster preparedness team.

In the end, it’s all about being prepared, as evidenced by September’s National Preparedness Month. As such, choose Insurance Restoration Services, a disaster restoration company located in Henderson and Las Vegas, NV, that provides services for water damage restoration, fire damage, mold, asbestos, and home/business repairs.


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