I only have a bit of water, can I clean it up and let it dry on my own?

We’ve discussed cleaning up water on your own before (read more here…), and, we always recommend letting a professional handle a water damage remediation. However, what if it’s just been a leaky pipe under your sink, or a tub overflow? Could these be handled by a homeowner without risk of problems?

The biggest problems we deal with in these cases are the things that we cannot see. How long has that pipe been leaking? Is that the only place where there is a leak? Is there a leak behind the wall that’s the actual source? Is there a leak that you’re completely unaware of until the absolute last possible moment when it ends up causing a huge unexpected problem? When you deal with things on the surface (in life or otherwise) you’re often times not getting to the root of the actual problem.

Humidity in your home might also be a concern, if water has been sitting too long, especially in warmer months here in Southern Nevada. With evaporation pulling that water into the air in your home, simply cleaning up standing water may not deal with the problem fully. Humid environments can become potentially ideal conditions for mold and fungi to grow if left for long enough (48-72 hours, under ideal circumstances). We also tend to forget that porous surfaces, such as textiles and fibrous materials, can hold onto water and moisture, necessitating a thorough cleaning, sanitizing and deodorizing.

If you’re dealing with just a minor spill or a small amount of water contained to an area of non-porous materials, then, feel free to clean it up, but just make sure that you’re not purposely turning a blind eye to what may turn out to be a bigger problem later down the line (read more here…).

If you determine that the correct course of action is to let a certified water damage restoration company handle the issue for you, IRS is here for all those needs. Not only are we available 24 hours a day, but, we deal with insurance claims as well as self-pay situations. If you’re afraid that you can’t shoulder the burden of the cost of water damage mitigation, IRS offers flexible financing options.

Water damage shouldn’t determine how you live your life, and it certainly shouldn’t determine IF you can get it taken care of. IRS is here to help, with options for everyone.