How do we store the contents of your home?

Many companies use off-site storage options, costing you more in the end as they pass that cost off to you, the homeowner or to the insurance company. IRS employs our own storage facility on premises: climate-controlled and monitored 24 hours a day. Our employees are all fully background checked prior to being hired (read more here…) not only because they will be working in your home, but because your contents will be held in our facility onsite.

When other companies use offsite storage services to store your contents, it brings into play a lot of variables: When can I get my contents back? Who has access to them? If something happens to them, is there footage to back it up?

IRS is able to answer all of these questions with ease, and, with only short notice, your contents can be back in your possession ASAP. Anyone who works in our facility has access to the area where your content boxes are stored, however all boxes are locked, secured and monitored by camera, not to mention that our employees are background checked.

During a pack out of your home, your contents will be photographed and recorded in a contents list as they are packed, both for your safety and security, as well as for your Insurance Company. This also ensures that if anything were to happen to your contents between the pack out and the pack back, we have photographic records showing if it was damaged and by whom.

With off-site storage options, there is typically a lead time between contacting the company, and when they can find and deliver your box. That never happens with IRS, since we store everything in our own facility. Some companies have even reported issues with entire boxes of contents being misplaced or even lost. With IRS, this is never a risk, and we guarantee that your contents are safe with us.