How do we price our services?

One concern we hear when people deal with service-based industries in general is the cost. People want to know what they are being charged and WHY they are being charged. In short, we hear a lot of concern about accountability and where their money is being put. As Restoration Service Pros, we use a pricing structure developed by a company called Xactware which has become the standard for our industry.

Xactimate is an estimation tool created by Xactware which takes information about the home and its’ loss, and calculates a total cost based on manpower, materials and time. There is no guesswork involved when an estimate is put together, it is all calculated based on those parameters. And the benefits to doing things this way are very clear: Xactimate offers a breakdown to show how much money is devoted to each aspect of your job, whether it is water, mold or fire damage, that way there are no mysteries to either your adjuster, or to yourself.

When we contact your insurance company with this breakdown, it allows us to show them that we are taking care of your home properly. We confirm with them that the correct course of action is being taken, and they take the same information we do about your loss and create their own estimate, that way you can be assured that the cost and pricing incurred is valid and confirmed by two separate parties.

Can you trust Xactimate pricing? We believe so. Their pricing structure is based on the median results of surveys across the United States for material cost. Everything else is based on the amount of work performed, our manpower and our time. When used correctly, we at IRS find Xactimate to be highly accurate and trustworthy. When we use it to calculate your job, we are sure that we can put your home back together just as you remember it, if not better.