Do I have to use the restoration company my insurance recommends?

Short Answer: No

Long Answer: When disaster strikes your home, your first inclination may be to contact your insurance company to find out some basic information: Do I need to file a claim? (read more here…) Does my policy cover this type of disaster? What do I need to do? Do I have to be the one to call out professionals?

While we may be biased, there certainly is no shortage of evidence that insurance companies tend to look out for their bottom line rather than their policy holders, and this extends into how they choose companies to be their Preferred Vendors to recommend for certain kinds of jobs. These companies, when sent out, work for the Insurance Company’s end goal, performing only the minimum amount of work necessary in order to call the job complete and hold up the insurance company’s end of your policy, but at the lowest cost to them (read more here…).

IRS is an Independent Restoration company, and we work for YOU and your home, not for the Insurance carrier. We seek out whatever problems might be lurking in your home due to a disaster, in order to do the job right the first time. When we work with you for the health and safety of your home, we also negotiate with your insurance adjusters to defend and justify the needed repairs detailed in our Scope of Work. Their Preferred Vendors are dictated to by the Insurance Company what work is necessary and are only authorized to perform that work and that work alone.

The simple question is, if you have a choice: Would you rather have a company who is in your home simply because they are the Insurance company’s lowest bidder? Or, would you rather have a company in your home that is on your side?

Well, we have some good news: You DO have a choice, because while an Insurance Company can recommend their Preferred Vendor, you can choose whichever company best suits the needs of your home, and IRS can be the company that is looking out for your best interests. The next time your home is in need of help due to water, mold or fire damage, let your insurance company know that you want a trusted and knowledgeable company working in your home. Let them know that you want IRS to look after you. You’ll be glad you did.