Do I have to disclose that I had water damage when I sell my home?

Short Answer: Yes

Long Answer: There’s no avoiding it, when you sell your home, current laws state that disclosure of these types of disasters must take place. You may wonder why you must disclose something that may have happened long ago, or, why it’s even relevant. “I got it done, right? And that’s all that matters,” you may be thinking to yourself. However, it can work to your benefit to show documentation that you addressed water damage correctly and to IICRC standards (read more here…).

While it may seem counter-intuitive, by showing prospective home buyers that you’ve kept up on maintenance of your property, and have done things the right way, there is a better chance of selling the home faster and with less problems. Rather than trying to hide issues from the buyer or the home inspector, let them know that you dealt with those problems immediately and correctly.

When you work with IRS, we ensure that you can give the next owners of your home the same peace of mind that we bring to you. We provide you with a clean bill of health, a certificate and a full report stating the scope of work performed and a final assessment showing that your home is free and clear. By letting them know, you also close the door to any issues coming back to cause legal problems for you down the line.

IRS helps ensure that when the time does come to sell your home, that you’ve got all your bases covered.