Can I clean up mold myself with bleach or (insert chemical here)?

You may find many online articles about how you can clean up mold yourself, as well as a myriad of recipes for cocktails that will “get rid of your black mold once and for all”. But, is it too good to be true? Can you trust your home with the advice these bloggers give?

IRS would like to say, unequivocally, “No.”

There are far too many variables to take into consideration regarding mold damage and a bit of visible mold on your walls can be a warning sign of something much bigger and nastier lurking below the surface of your paint or behind the sheetrock. A simple spray-and-wipe of your wall where mold is visible may only be a temporary solution to a problem that may have lasting effects if not taken care of properly.

Why isn’t this recommended? While surface mold may be affected by these treatments, (the most popular commercial remedy being a spray-and-wipe followed by a spray that promises to encapsulate and neutralize surface mold growth), it does not solve the root problem that is causing mold to show up on the surface. In fact, it may take upwards of 21 days for mold to show visible signs of growth from an unmitigated water damage loss (read more here…), during which time it has been potentially spreading behind the scenes, feeding off the water and organic material in your walls.

When you hire a trained and certified company to perform your mold remediation and water damage repair, our main concern is to do the job correctly to get to the root of the problem. Make sure to call IRS, the Mold Remediation Pros in the Las Vegas Valley Pros. Your home and your health deserve it.