Calling for "Help" 24/7


24/7 -Means What?

   In Las Vegas 24/7 means, this town never sleeps. In Alaska 24/7 means the sun is up all day. In our  business 24/7 means, we answer the phones 24/7. We come to your home or place of business 24/7 when you have a water or fire emergency…. it means our boss man pays his employee(s) to stay up all night, staring at a phone, waiting for it to ring. That’s Jr below after being on call, he looks tired…. he’s the best, of the best… but even the best get tired!

Neftali Mata Jr

I feel I need to be honest with you and let you know, I’m not that employee!!! I’m the non 24/7 employee and I’m ok with that, we all have our role in this company….. My role is more like 9/5 although sometimes I have been known to do 10/6…. I work hard, but Marketing is different.. People get mad when you call them at 2:00 am to talk about their account…. So I stick to “regular” business hours, in the daylight! (I like sleep)

Rich truck2

For Emergency Restoration Services You WANT 24/7 SERVICE you WANT us to answer our phone at 2:00am… and we do! (ok they do, I tell you about how good they are at it)

Guys 2

Here they are, our hard working crew cleaning  the equipment. It’s hard work, those fans are heavy…

IMG_1450 (2)

Who needs a gym membership, not our guys we provide that everyday!

o if you call us at 2:00 am or 2:00 pm what kind of service will you get? What can you expect?

A real  live person, trained in emergency restoration services will answer the phone.

Henry Fuentes

We will treat you and your home with respect.

We will respond quickly to help resolve your water emergency, assist you with your fire damage or evaluate your mold situation.

Olivia Johnson

We will work with you, We are on your side. We do not work for the Insurance Companies, W
e work for you the homeowner.

Moises Mino

Like what you hear so far…. how about this….
“We answer our phones” Yes, even after  we start work on your home we still answer our phones…. You can always reach us to ask a questions!!!!!

24/7 Means- Call Insurance Restoration Services  @
702-463-7023 ANYTIME…. Day or Night

Skyler 4

**** Water Damage **** Fire Damage **** Mold****



BIG Thank you to all the IRS Models who did not want to participate in this photo shoot but were great sports about it! Our Crew ROCKS!!!!!!!