Broken Pipes Water Damage Removal in Las Vegas

Providing water damage removal to Las Vegas and surround areas, if your home has experienced broken pipes and your home has become flooded or seriously damaged, call Insurance Restoration Services today! With over 20+ years’ experience, we understand the frustrations that can occur when pipes break around a home and the floor and furniture can become seriously damaged.

Caused by faulty plumbing, a leaking water heater or frozen pipes, these situations can lead to catastrophic damage especially when not discovered for a long period of time. A security system can include water detectors to alert a central monitoring station if flooding occurs. This way, a designated individual can arrive to shut off the water. A flood remediation company should be called immediately to minimize damage and prevent future problems.

A flood damage caused by broken pipes or faulty pipes can make life very troublesome. Often homeowners are left in a state of confusion on how to get the water out of the house and begin the restoration process. Luckly, Insurance Restoration Services Las Vegas has the experience to clean up the water damage caused by broken pipes, and get you back in to your home quickly.

We can remove water from wet carpet, wood floors, hardwood floors and dry them properly to restore the area to the pre-disaster condition.

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Anytime you call Insurance Restoration Service, whether its day, night, weekends, or holidays, you will always get a hold of a representative to help! We also will help you navigate the insurance portion of the damage and make sure everything is taken care of from start to finish.

What Should I do During a Pipe Burst?
If you’re home has a pipe burst immediately shut off the main water line then call Insurance Restoration Services Las Vegas for immediate help. By shutting off the main line you will prevent additional water from flooding in to your home. We will come to your house and evaluate the situation and provide a free estimate for you. Our 24/7 service team will get to your home as quickly as possible to begin the restoration process and make sure additional damage isn’t caused.

Pipe Bursts in Las Vegas and surrounding areas are very common homeowner issues, and can be extremely frustrating. We take the stress out of the entire water flood process and will get you back to home quickly.

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