Are your technicians qualified to work on my home?

Short Answer: YES!

Long Answer: We take pride in many things at IRS, including our customer service as well as our technician training, because we believe in doing the best job possible for our customers. Our technician training consists partially of an IICRC certification. The IICRC, which we have touched on before in previous blog posts, is a non-profit industry organization which sets the standards that ensure that proper procedure is followed during water and mold remediation.

According to the IICRC itself, in order to obtain an IICRC-Certified status, “Employees must attend classes and seminars and accumulate a specific amount of actual field experience, then pass comprehensive exams in basic water restoration or mold remediation.”

That in and of itself is a huge undertaking for anyone to become IICRC-Certified, yet we also require OSHA-10 training, and perform a full background check on anyone prior to being hired on with IRS, as these are people that will be working in our customers’ homes.

Once trained, a tech or helper isn’t able to just work in anyone’s home without oversight. Every employee is subject to a trainee period wherein they are monitored as they continue their training on the job. This allows them to learn in an environment where proper technique can be reinforced in a real-world scenario as they work freely.

It’s this combination of training and pre-qualifying people before hiring that ensures the highest quality of employee comes to work for IRS, and by extension, for YOU. You are our neighbor here in the Las Vegas Valley, and we care about your home. Why wouldn’t we want the highest-quality people working for us?