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Insurance Restoration Services – Water Damage Restoration, Las Vegas

We all know emergencies that cause water damage are common here in Las Vegas. Whether it is from weather, leaky pipes, leaking appliances, flash flooding, or simply a bath that somehow overflowed – Insurance Restoration Services is the top water restoration company in Las Vegas! Insurance Restoration Services has been serving Las Vegas, and the surrounding areas, with water damage restoration service long enough to know that not all restoration companies are the same. While most damage restoration services in Las Vegas do a fine job, IRS has noticed that many home and business owners are left frustrated and unsatisfied with the work that had been done to their home when using other companies.

That's why Insurance Restoration Services is here and why we pride ourselves with being the top water damage repair service in Las Vegas and surrounding areas! Is Insurance Restoration Services part of your emergency plan? We all have that emergency plan in place for when disaster strikes – whether it's fire or flooding occurring we all pretty much know what to do to remain safe. However, very few of us actually know what to do AFTER the disaster has hit. When your home or business has been damaged due to water or fire, it can be hard to know who to call or where to even start. That's why we recommend to everyone that they store our emergency number in their phone – you simply never know when water or fire damage will invade – and you want to have the best restoration team's number easily accessible! So – do not wait until it's too late! Store our number in your phone now!

We are proud to offer these services to Las Vegas and the surrounding areas:

  • Water Damage Restoration
  • Water Removal
  • Fire Damage Restoration
  • Mold Removal
  • Mold Damage Restoration
  • Locating the source of the water/mold and fixing that problem to insure further water and mold damage is not done to the property
  • Mold Testing
  • Water/Access moisture testing to insure no more damage can be done and that all excess moisture is removed
  • Drying of surfaces
  • Insurance Claim Assistance
  • Water Damage documentation and the work done to repair the home so when you sell the house down the road the value of the home will not be effected
  • 24 hour water emergency assistance
  • 24 hour fire emergency assistance
  • 1 hour response time in all water damage emergencies

24 hour Emergency Water Damage Repair, Las Vegas

Water damages to your home or business can happen fast, so it's imperative that you act just as fast. Allowing the water damage, especially here in Las Vegas, to sit too long can be the difference between minor damage, to extensive damage. Although our dry weather here can make the removal easy and make it seem like everything is dried up – the truth is that many materials will hold in moisture that we cannot even see. Because of this it's important to make sure all the moisture has been completely removed from carpets, wood, and other surfaces. Insurance Restoration Services specializes in removing all the water, all the hidden excess moisture, and repairing whatever water damage there was to your home or business. We have state of the art equipment to make sure that before we leave, there's no moisture hiding in cabinetry, carpets, or drywall. Do not wait to call; it could be costing you far more damage than you know!

Call Insurance Restoration Services Now for your water emergency!


Water Damage Restoration

Having water invade the home can be an overwhelming experience. Whether it's leaky pipes, a leak or crack in the roof during a rain storm, appliances that decided to break or simply a clogged sink or bath that was left unattended and overflowed – Insurance Restoration Services is Las Vegas' top water damage repair company!

With an hour response time for water emergencies, Insurance Restoration Services will arrive to assess the water damage and quickly begin water removal. Once the majority and visible water is removed completely, we use our specialized moisture detection equipment to look for pockets and corners of where moisture and water might have gone. We use thermal imagining cameras and specialty moisture meters to make sure we don't miss an ounce of access moisture! That means much less water damage for your home or business.

Once the water and moisture has been removed, we then begin the restoration process. We provide fast and quality work because we know you want to get back to your life and normal routine. All our team members are experienced and incredibly skilled at what they do – so call us today to get you and your property back to the way it was! As always – our top priority is the safety of our customers. Please remember the following safety tip during your water emergency:

  • Never try to unplug devices or appliances when there's water and the electricity is still on
  • If it's safe, find your breaker box and turn off the electricity
  • Never allow children to play in standing water from any source of flooding – there could be debris that can hurt them as well as all sorts of bacteria
  • Do not drink the water – we know it gets hot here in Las Vegas but there are other, much more pure sources for your water intake.

Water Damage Documentation

Did you know that in Las Vegas, NV it's legally required to disclose any and all flooding or water emergencies your home or business experienced when you are selling it? Yup! All home owners must disclose all water damages that occurred during their ownership. Here at IRS we are trained and experienced in helping properly document everything you will need for whenever you do choose to sell the property. This will not only help you save time and stress down the road, but help keep the value of your home higher! We want to protect your home, and your investment in the home. No other restoration service in Las Vegas goes that into detail for their clients – we want to literally take care of everything for you!

IICRC Certified

We are certified through IICRC (The Institute of Inspection, Cleaning and Restoration Certification). The IICRC is known internationally by being a strong voice and resource for standards in the restoration industry. They are proud to promote incredibly high standards and ethics. Insurance Restoration Services in honored to be certified by them, and to stand by everything they stand for and require.

For Proper Water Damage Documentation give us a call!


Mold Damage Restoration

As we all know, water emergencies in the home will and do cause mold damage when not properly removed – especially here in the Las Vegas area. All mold needs in order to grow is moisture, food (dry wall, flooring etc.) and time. This is why we take water damage so seriously and why we work so fast to remove it all from the home – given too much time and that moisture can cause mold and a lot more damage to the property – and even your health.

Let Insurance Restoration Services help It's imperative that during mold removal, you do not just simply clean up or bleach the mold. While this certainly makes the damage from the mold look better, we can assure it's not and at times it can cause the mold to spread even more. The best way to permanently remove the mold is find the source of the extra moisture or water. This could be a corner of a room that isn't properly ventilated, a pipe leaking a tiny amount of water behind a wall, or simply some left over moisture from that cup of water that spilled months ago. Mold is relentless and merciless – so call Las Vegas' top mold removal and mold damage repairs service in the area – Insurance Restoration Services! We don't just handle water damage in Las Vegas – but fire and mold damage in Vegas and all the surrounding areas!

While not all molds are the same, most of them can cause allergic reactions when breathed in – and sometimes worse. Mold also doesn't just stop – it continues to invade the home and damage it, affecting the value of the property. It's important that you call Insurance Restoration Services to assess the damage and test the mold. We will not only remove the mold, but find the cause of the mold and make sure that the problem is properly dealt with to avoid future mold contamination. Should we think the mold needs to be tested, we will hire a third party source to do the testing.

Remember – mold ,especially in the Las Vegas climate, is almost always caused by water damage of some sort – call us now to find that source and restore your home or business! Though mold damage is not an immediate safety hazard like flooding or fire – mold does pose some other risks so we wanted to make sure you are taking the proper steps to keep you and your loved ones healthy:

If you have an allergic reaction to mold, wear breathing masks when working around or with the mold damage

Always wear old clothing that you can throw away after you've been near the mold

Do NOT try to treat the mold yourself – many “at home” treatments can actually cause the mold to grow faster and spread farther – it's important we identify the type of mold, how it grows, and what surface it is on before we treat and remove it.

Always ventilate your home to allow mold spores and allergens to exit the home.

Turn off your HVAC system to avoid the mold spores spreading to other areas of the home through the system.

And of course, call Insurance Restoration Services for complete removal and restoration.

Mold Damage Restoration Process

  • Find the Source – Determining the source of the mold is always the first step. Here is the dry climate of Las Vegas, mold is usually the cause of water damage. There can be a simple leaky pipe that caused the moisture to build up or it could be that the problem wasn't handled properly in the past, so though the mold has been cleaned up it was able to return.
  • Assess the Total Damage – Assessing the scope of the damage is our second step. There are times we need to bring in third parties for testing and structural assessment. Though there are pretty simple mold issues, there can also be extensive repairs needed.
  • Take Action – Once we know the cause of the mold, the extent of the damage, and how we will restore everything – we get to work. We always seal the contaminated parts of the home and to protect the untouched areas from cross contamination. We seal shut all HVAC vents and negatively pressurize the area to ensure the mold spores do not spread. At this point we're now ready to demolish, clean, and restore! This will look different for every case, so we'll be sure to communicate with you about where we are at and explain the process. Just like fire and water damage restoration – you can trust Las Vegas' favorite restoration company to get the job done right!

For Proper Mold Damage Removal and Restoration Call Now!


Fire Restoration

When you've experienced the disaster that happens during a fire, the process of cleaning up and restoring the home can be incredibly daunting and overwhelming. While you are trying to put together the pieces and salvage what you can, it's important to call a team that is experienced and skilled in restoring your home from fire damage.

Insurance Restoration Services is experienced and skilled when it comes to fire damage and the restoration of and home or business after it's been in a fire. Soot, smoke, and even water damage can make the restoration process tricky and complicated. We've seen the pain in the eyes of our customers after a fire has ruined their home, and we know the heartache and stress it can cause. Let us take the restoration process off your shoulders so you can focus on more important things. We take our role as the restoration team seriously – we will walk through the entire process with you, work closely with your insurance agency, and do not leave until everything has been systematically and thoroughly gone through, checked, cleaned, repaired, and restored! Insurance Restoration Services is truly honored you've chosen to trust us with this big task so we will not let you down.

Fire Damage Safety Tips

While you call us and begin the process of salvaging what you can – please remember our first and primary concern is always your safety. Here are a few things to remember!

  • Never enter your home or business until we have properly secured it for reentry
  • Just because the fire is out, does not mean the danger is not there. Many fires, especially in our dry climate, can restart or even still be burning under bigger piles of rubble. Make sure you stay in contact with the fire department about when it would be safe to assume the risks of further damage are gone.
  • Once it's safe to reenter the home, make sure you always wear protective clothing to protect yourself against hot surfaces, soot, and debris.
  • Turn off HVAC systems and open your windows to help rid the house of any chemicals circulating around in the air.
  • PLEASE gather all your important documents and belongings and move them to a safe and secure location to avoid them being stolen or damaged further. Unfortunately thieves do try to come into home that have had a fire and steal belongings that are in good condition still.
  • Photograph all the damaged property Pictures can provide so much more detail in the filing process for your insurance claim. We always recommend that you take pictures of everything – to send a copy to insurance, and to keep for your records.
  • Keep records of gas mileage, etc Many insurance companies will reimburse you for gas, food, and even temporary housing – so make sure you keep all the receipts of everything after the fire occurred.
  • As always – be careful about how often you enter the home or sort through the stuff. Fires can produce a lot of nasty chemicals that can bother your lungs and respiratory system. Always wear a breathing mask and always wear gloves!

To restore your home after a fire, call IRS now!


Fire Damage Restoration Process

Restoring your home or business after and fire is a daunting task. Not only is there damage that needs to be assessed, but you have personally property that needs to be properly, and carefully, cleaned. We don't just fix the walls and house – we restore everything affected by the smoke and fire.

Step 1. Secure the Property Just like water damage restoration, one of the first steps in the restoration process is securing the home. Unlike water damage, fire damage requires work alongside the fire department and city workers to ensure the home is safe for reentry and no there is no more risk of fire – especially in the dry climate of Las Vegas. One the property has been secured; we will walk through the property with you.

Step 2. Emergency Cleaning We call this emergency cleaning because it takes priority over all the other cleaning a fire involved. What we look for is soot and smoke residue on incredibly sensitive materials like artwork, pictures, linens, etc and removes them from the home so we can properly care for them as soon as possible.

Step 3. Source Removal/Cleaning Once your insurance adjuster has walked through everything and given us the OK, we will start cleaning up the source of the fire and removing it. This involves anything in and around where the fire originated. This will help with the odor, and prevent recontamination. We use HEPA vacuums, sponges, and cleaning solution to make sure everything is thoroughly cleaned and removed. We use more specialty equipment and cleaning techniques for carpet, upholstery, and clothing.

Call now to begin the process!


Step 4. Removing Contents when Needed There are times that it's most effective to remove furniture and belongings to properly clean and restore the home. We have the facility to clean large and small items at our facility and find that there are times it's far more effective than doing it at the sight of the fire. Our staff is experienced and detailed oriented when it comes to documenting everything that was removed and properly categorizing it so you do not lose a single item. We will then store everything at our facility, clean whatever needs cleaned, and when the home is ready we will help move everything back. We will never just leave you hanging until the job is 100% complete!

Step 5. Deodorization When it comes to smoke odor, there are a specific ways to permanently remove the odor. The first is always to remove the source of the fire – where it originated from. Of course, no fire is the same so the methods we use will depend on the type of fire. When it comes to fires started by burnt food (protein fires) we need to use different methods and products then brush fires.

Step 6. Repair Time After cleaning up the fire is done, it's time to work with your insurance and begin restoring and repairing your home so you can get back a normal life! We are your advocates, and will work alongside your adjuster to make sure everything is addressed, and not one thing is missed in the restoration process. This is a very complicated process that requires knowledge in not only fire restoration but insurance claims as well. Insurance Restoration Services is skilled and experienced in both so you literally have nothing to worry about – our experienced project managers are trained to make the process as smooth as possible. We will work with the insurance company and adjuster, and be your advocate until the job is done.

Step 7. Time to Move Home Once we've completed all the cleaning and repairing, it's time to get your stuff, and you, back into your house! We will help and not stop working until everything is back in the home! There's simply no better feeling then experiencing the joy with a family on move in day.

Call Insurance Restoration Services to hire a team that will advocate for you during the restoration and insurance claim process.

You Are Not Alone!


Our Restoration Services Include

Insurance Restoration Services offers can assist you with any type of damage to your home or business.  We specialize in helping you get your life back to normal. We are trusted across the Las Vegas area for all types of restoration services.

Some of the services we can assist with:

Water Damage:

Water Restoration IconCleaning up water damage prevents problems with mold.  Mold remediation can be costly and may result in a lengthy repair process.  Removing water quickly and addressing flood damage properly will prevent mold growth and save you time and money. Your flooded carpet is the least of your concerns; water will travel under walls, under cabinets, through insulation inside walls, and almost anywhere.  Specialized meters and tools allow us to find hidden pockets of moisture that most people miss. more info »

Mold Abatement:

Mold Restoration IconMaybe you recently discovered a leaky pipe under your sink, or maybe you didn't properly take care of that overflowing toilet.  Don't panic, we can help you with your mold remediation project.  Mold remediation can be a scary process and there's a large amount of fear and propaganda out there relating to mold cleanup.  We'll help ease your mind and work with you to clean up your mold damaged property in a timely and cost effective manner. more info »

Fire Damage:

Fire Restoration IconFire damage can consume every aspect of your life.  Most homeowners and business owners have never experienced smoke damage; fortunately we've been there before.  Smoke damage restoration is a complex problem that requires specialty cleaning supplies and equipment.  Soot and other chemical compounds can permeate nearly everything in a building. Are you tired of cleaning and re-cleaning everything only to have that smoke odor return?  We have the training and equipment needed to remove smoke, soot, and odor from your property. more info »

Available 24/7

Insurance Restoration Services understands that water emergencies, fire, or mold can happen at any time and any day. That's why we always have team members on call to arrive at your Las Vegas location in an hour – and that's 24/7! Yes, that means any hour, of any day we're available for you. That includes all major and minor Holidays as well as the middle of the night. No matter the day or time – call us for your restoration needs!

Full Service Restoration

Here at IRS, we don't just clean up the damage, restore, than head on out and leave. We come to you within an hour of the emergency and stay with you until you've moved back in and have that last picture hung on the wall. It's important to us to give you the absolute best service we can by taking care of literally everything, and also by being your advocate for insurance. During our time working for you we can and will do the following:

  • Free Estimate and Assessment of Damage
  • Walk through and documentation of all damaged and undamaged items
  • Removal of sensitive items to our facility for cleaning and storing
  • Moving out of all furniture and home belongings if needed – and moved into a storage unit
  • Help locating temporary housing and the moving process for that
  • Insurance claim assistance
  • Work closely with the adjuster to make sure they have everything properly documented and covered
  • Be involved in every detail of the restoration from restoring artwork, walls, to restoring the framing of the house furniture.
  • Constant work alongside the insurance team to make sure things are being covered and paid for
  • Hiring out third party help when needed and making sure that work gets covered by insurance
  • Constant communication with you, the property owner
  • Testing to make sure all chemicals, molds, or moisture has been taken care of
  • Clean up to prepare the home or business for moving back in
  • Moving everything back in for you
  • Helping you move out of the temporary housing or location

As you can see Insurance Restoration Services is Las Vegas' full service restoration company!

You simply will not find better service! Call today for your free quote!