Calling for “Help” 24/7

24/7 -Means What?    In Las Vegas 24/7 means, this town never sleeps. In Alaska 24/7 means the sun is up all day. In our  business 24/7 means, we answer the phones 24/7. We come to your home or place of business 24/7 when you have a water or fire emergency.... it means our boss man pays his employee(s) to stay ......... more »

The top 7 reasons a house fire happens

#1- A Kitchen Fire- I walk away from something cooking in the kitchen all the time I confess I get distracted EASILY and here's why  I really don't like to cook!  I cook,  I really do,  but it's not my favorite thing to do.  I start a meal and get bored. You know that part of the recipe that says " bring ......... more »

Surprise…… Welcome home from Vacation

“Guess what? There was a water leak while you were on vacation!” This one sentence can turn those wonderful vacation memories into a nightmare. Even the smallest leak can cause major damage if it is left unattended for a few days.  Wood flooring will buckle, carpets and padding are ruined . drywall will soa......... more »

Why should I call Insurance Restoration Services before I start a claim with my insurance company?

Why should I call Insurance Restoration Services before I call  my insurance company? I get asked this question all the time and the answer is simple..... So you know what the heck is going on! Let's say you come home from work and step into soggy carpet, the first words out of your mouth will be something l......... more »

The IRS???? Who are you people?

  Let me start by saying.... We are not "That" IRS Insurance Restoration Services, is our name and handling water damage, fire damage and mold is our game... ok so I like to rhyme, no actually rap.... I like to rap! When I started with the "IRS" I wondered what kind of response  I would get? Driving ro......... more »

5 Ways to Spot Mold in Your House or Apartment

Moving into a new house can be incredibly exciting...and incredibly stressful. While mentally arranging furniture and picking out paint colors is a blast, dealing with financial obligations, inspecting the house, packing, and unpacking can all be a headache. And what can really put a damper on a happy mood is discover......... more »

What to Include in an Emergency Preparedness Kit

Although winter storms aren't a realistic threat in Las Vegas, flash floods, fires, and other emergencies certainly are. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, having an emergency preparedness kit on-hand can help you and your family during natural disasters, black outs, biological and chemical ......... more »

Insurance Restoration Service Areas

Water Restoration 89109 89105 Pahrump North Las Vegas Enterprise Las Vegas Henderson Blue Diamond Fire Damage Mold Abatement Las Vegas Mold Absestos Abatement Repairs Broken Pipes Washing Machine Floods Roof Leaks Water Heater......... more »

Tips to Help You Prepare for Any Disaster

Tips to Help you Prepare for Any Disaster  If you are in the need for water damage restoration, what should you know about the process and how to safeguard your home and valuables? Water entering your home after some catastrophic event such as flood, storm or water main break can cause serious damage to your home and......... more »

September is National Disaster Preparedness/Awareness Month

It's that time of year again: National Preparedness Month. Throughout the month of September, is encouraging communities to take part in activities and events aimed at promoting the awareness of disaster preparation. According to Thunderclap, the Ready Campaign is built on four main principles: Be Informed, M......... more »

24/7 Local Response

Damage Restoration Insurance Restoration Services is a locally owned and operated independent disaster restoration company specializing in restoring your home or business after you’ve suffered a water damage, fire damage, or mold problem. We specialize in quick response to minimize the damage to your property. Ou......... more »