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Damage Restoration

Insurance Restoration Services is a locally owned and operated independent disaster restoration company specializing in restoring your home or business after you’ve suffered a water damage, fire damage, or mold problem.

We specialize in quick response to minimize the damage to your property. Our phones are answered by local knowledgeable employees live 24 hours a day. Your call will be answered immediately by an actual member of our staff, not a call center employee or dispatcher. Call now for immediate questions to your emergency service questions. We’re specially trained to assist in dealing with your insurance carrier or assisting you in handling your property damage issues without insurance.


Damage Restoration Service

Rapid response is the key to getting your life back to normal and avoiding further damage to your home or business. Leaving your property wet allows the water to spread to unaffected areas and causes more damage including mold. You may think you mopped up all the water or dried out your carpet, but hidden moisture may still be present in your walls. Smoke, soot, and other residual compounds left behind after a fire are acidic in nature and may cause permanent damage to your property if left unmitigated.

Time is of the essence; failing to properly and efficiently clean up your flooded home, or fire damaged business may lead to additional expenses and cause problems later on. Quickly addressing the problem will save time, money, and prevent additional damage from occurring. There’s no charge for an estimate and we’re happy to answer any questions or concerns you may have.

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Dealing with a flood, fire, or mold problem can be overwhelming and confusing. We specialize in dealing with all aspects of property damage. Please allow us to help you through your problem. This is what we do every day.

Whether you’re a homeowner, business owner or manager we can assist in dealing with your insurance company or work with you directly to get things back to normal. We never collect money up front and many times can assist without any out of pocket expense to you.